Crinia parinsignifera (TBC)

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Frog Crinia parinsignifera 24 Oct 2018 AlmaQ

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Pond is obviously stock watering hole with cattle foot prints and dung around the edge. water very murky


AnkeMaria wrote:
   25 Oct 2018
Hi Alma
did you only hear the frog or did you take a recording/photo. I would need either or to verify your observation!!


Anke Maria
AlmaQ wrote:
   25 Oct 2018
Oh yes Anke Maria. Apologies. I forgot to attach but re-posted with sound recording attached. I didn't know how to delete this item. Will you do that? Haven't worked out the system yet.
AnkeMaria wrote:
   30 Oct 2018
Funny haha
I have no idea either- still learning the ropes- I am keen to learn if you simply entered teh location or if you entered a full FW report by using the FW form

AlmaQ wrote:
   1 Nov 2018
The entry screen includes the option to select the site by the site code, ie. DUF100. That's what I used and then the system populates the rest re co-ordinates.
AnkeMaria wrote:
   8 Nov 2018
awesome- you could be y "Mistery shopper
AnkeMaria wrote:
   15 Nov 2018
did you add a recording to the observation- can not find one!!
AlmaQ wrote:
   15 Nov 2018
I did AnkeMaria but only on the second record for the DUF100 site on the 23rd. I was a bit gormless and forgot to attach the first time.
AlmaQ wrote:
   20 Nov 2018
I'm struggling with this system. I don't know how to find this sighting or entry again to check on the sound recording or to re-attach it so you can confirm the sighting. How do I find sighting 3869009 again?
AnkeMaria wrote:
   21 Nov 2018
If I only knew- could we talk on the phone?? My number is 0429066046
Maybe give me a ring later today
   23 Nov 2018
Guys, please keep this dialogue open, I am listening. This "survey based" solution is a first for NatureMapr and we fully acknowledge that we need to make a whole pile of enhancements and improvements in order for the platform to be fully effective for FrogWatch's needs. We will take your feedback and actively improve the platform until we hit the right mark! Cheers Aaron.
RogerH wrote:
   24 Nov 2018
Hi. I'm a beginner on CNM, but am trying to learn how to enter my FrogWatch data. I'm having some problems:
1. After I click on the 'report' button at the bottom of the Survey Form, I get a message that says: •Please enter a value less than or equal to 2018-11-24. In the one place where I've entered a date, I've entered '2018/10/16'. This is correctly interpreted by appearing to the right of the box as '24 Oct 2018 '. What is the error and how do I 'correct' it? Without that correction, I can't enter the observations.
AlmaQ wrote:
   25 Nov 2018
I managed to work out entering data but would like to know how to access the entry later esp if an edit is needed. Also when queries come up each is given a sighting number but this doesn't seen to be obvious when trying to find anything or do a search. Odd system
   27 Nov 2018
Hang in there Frog Friends. Your data is vitally important. The platform is still evolving and we have a LOT of enhancements and new features to add so that surveys are much easier to manage, edit, find, browse etc. Anke Maria and I am working on it. Much more to come...
   15 Dec 2018
Hi guys - the list of FrogWatch sites can now be easily viewed on a single map view here:

Please keep the great feedback coming so we can keep tweaking the platform.


RogerH wrote:
   17 Dec 2018
I've just started again to enter my data. I find that if I don't have the % area shaded at some time by trees, I can't complete the entry. I don't understand what is needed. If I missed the recording it, the whole record is lost. Surely this is not a vital, though interesting, variable. Why can't the system accept a nil entry. I've put in 25%, not because its true, but just to get the important part of the record accepted. Not good practice, but what can I do? Maybe you could add a choice that said 'missing data'?
RogerH wrote:
   17 Dec 2018
Would it be possible for the field record sheet and the online survey entry forms to follow the same order of items? This would make data entry much easier. At present one is jumping all over the paper page to find the information. For example, but restricted to this, is the air/water temperatures: they are together on the field sheet, but widely separated on the entry form.
   19 Dec 2018
Yep, the order will be changing very soon Roger. We've just needed to enhance the platform for that to be possible. Watch this space...
RogerH wrote:
   19 Dec 2018
Thanks, Aaron. Looking forward to it!
AnkeMaria wrote:
   19 Dec 2018
Hi Roger
great feedback

will make teh area shaded by trees non-compulsory
   19 Dec 2018
AM - can you move the order of attributes around OK now?
   13 Feb 2019
Hi All, I'm back on deck. We've made a few enhancements tonight, please stay tuned. You'll start to see new things appearing over the coming weeks now.

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Sighting information

  • 6 - 20 Abundance
  • 23 Oct 2018 7:50 PM Recorded on
  • AlmaQ Recorded by
  • Website Reported via
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