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FrogLitoria verreauxii alpina

Alpine Tree-frog

This species is one of 2 subspecies of Litoria verreauxii. Please see also Whistling Tree-frog Litoria verreauxii verreauxii.

Current conservation status: Vulnerable in NSW due to its decline. Chytrid fungus is believed to be partly responsible for the decline of this subspecies. (Wikipedia).

Family: Hylidae

Appearance: Alpine Tree-frog (L. v. alpina) is mostly green on the dorsal surface with two brown bands running parallel to each other down the back. These bands start at the eye and are separated by a narrow band of green. The thighs and backs of the legs are red with small black spots, with some larger black spots present on the fronts of the thighs. The belly is white.

Length:  30 to 35mm. 

Breeding: Males commence calling in May or June, when winter rains have filled the farm dams and other breeding pools, and if weather remains moist, breed through until October or November.

Habitat:The alpine tree frog inhabits alpine ponds and pools of creeks in moorland, alpine forest and partly cleared land. 

Distribution: The species may occur in alpine areas of ACT as it is highly localised in alpine regions.

Biology: Males have a similar call as Litoria verreauxii verreauxii  and call from areas close to the breeding sites during spring and summer.

Call: Similar to the call of L.v. verreauxii but slower and less whistling, "cree...cree...cree...cree...cree...".



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Litoria verreauxii alpina
Litoria verreauxii alpina

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