Michelago, NSW on 3 Dec 2012

Audio capturing 4 confirmed sightings

FrogCrinia parinsignifera Plains Froglet 1
FrogUperoleia laevigata Smooth Toadlet 1
FrogLimnodynastes tasmaniensis Spotted Grass Frog 1
FrogLitoria peronii Peron's Tree-frog 1

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Author's notes

Private property. No public access without permission. Testing multiple species as per discussion with Michael B. I have added one species to start. Audio is from 2012, so estimated details from photos around the same time.

Identification history

Frog Crinia parinsignifera 17 Aug 2018 AnkeMaria
Frog Uperoleia laevigata 17 Aug 2018 AnkeMaria
Frog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis 17 Aug 2018 michaelb
Frog Limnodynastes tasmaniensis 17 Aug 2018 michaelb
Frog Litoria peronii 11 Aug 2018 michaelb

Identify a species


michaelb wrote:
   11 Aug 2018
Thanks Sandra - excellent recording with so many voices calling together !
The Edit utility hasn't been built yet so we can't correct the location at the moment - we'll fix it later.
Illilanga wrote:
   11 Aug 2018
I will put up the other recording from the same day once we've had a play with this one. We have a wonderful chorus to listen to during the warmers months. Very blessed. :)
michaelb wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
I've added the ID of Limnodynastes tasmaniensis, from John Wombey.
AnkeMaria wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
I have added Crinia parinsignifera and Uproleia laevigata
However, can not add any abundance numbers
AnkeMaria wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
I am wondering if we will treat all frog sound surveys the same or if we will distinguish between FW site surveys (with the full details as per protocol) and simple accidental surveys, that only state the species (and maybe the abundance)??
michaelb wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
I think we should at least add the abundance numbers. Aaron should be able to plug that in. We are testing the system with birds, and have abundance included. See:
michaelb wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
I think it would more user friendly to make this type of sighting easier than the normal FW surveys where the people have more expertise etc. For this type of report the person would not have a thermometer, for example, and would be only guessing from memory.
AnkeMaria wrote:
   17 Aug 2018
Absolutely agree. More a frog-app type process- simply give the location time date and a recording
it should be therefore clear if it is a general frog sighting or a specific Frogwatch sighting- they might need to have a slightly different look and the general sighting should not be called FROGWATCH sightings- to avoid confusion!!
michaelb wrote:
   18 Aug 2018
Yes, agree. A different heading at the top, and just the few essential bits of information.
wombey wrote:
   19 Aug 2018
Michael, found the site again, happy with the frog species listed here

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Survey information

  • 3 Dec 2012 7:00 PM Recorded on
  • Illilanga Recorded by
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