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NatureMapr Mobile App Updates

 17 Apr 2020

Hi All,

Thanks for your patience.

An update for Android is now available for download and iOS will be available within the next 24 hours.

These are critical app updates, please download them as soon as you can.

From here, we are going to give the apps a rest for a while and just let users happily use them reliably, without us breaking them for a while. It has been a period of intense progress behind the scenes, but sometimes that comes at the cost of short term turbulence.

Thanks for your continued support and patience while we continually improve the platform.




   20 Apr 2020
Hi Aaron, The website version still has a number of problems. I've submitted Tech support reports but not had any response yet. Of note, Editing sightings has problems; no email confirmation of sightings; no email notification of featured sightings and moderator edits sometimes results in original reporting user info disappearing. A few more also. Thanks
   26 Apr 2020
Keep them coming please Alison. Coincidentally our email service provider went down around the time of the outage. We are still working with them to get it sorted. Please keep the technical support enquiries coming through. We fixed a lot of things today and need to know what else you're finding issues with. Cheers Aaron.

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