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FrogWatch Survey upload issues?

 4 November 2020

Hi All,


If you receive any kind of error while attempting to upload a survey, can you please email me a copy of the audio file attachment you were attempting to upload through to along with:

  • Were you using a PC or mobile phone?


  • Which operating system do you have


  • Which web browser do you have

This will help us reproduce and narrow down any issues so we can resolve promptly.






   24 Nov 2020

I had trouble
- uploading the recordings mp3, done on android mobile. I cant upload via app, I am emailing from phone to computer and uploading fom PC. They lost data in that process it seems
-I get error mssg after uploading survey that the file 'no longer exists or has been deleted'. This is not necessarily the case- sometimes they appear later but I re-entred the first couple of surveys
   29 Nov 2020
Hi Romcfarlane,

Sorry I only just saw this message.

Important Note: FrogWatch ACT surveys cannot (yet) be uploaded via the NatureMapr mobile app.
We have not yet developed any functionality to upload surveys via the mobile app (but that will come in the future).

Therefore uploading via the website is the only/recommended way.

Can you please have another go and let me know how you go?
We have resolved many of the earlier issues from 1-2 weeks ago now.



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