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Winter Activity - Suggestions invited

Posted by michaelb

Hello to the Canberra Nature Map community. Following on from our very successful meetings over the growing season we hope to continue the momentum by having an activity or field day over winter. You are invited to choose from the following options or make make suggestions in the comments on this page.

Possible options are:

An easy outdoor activity, such as a visit to STEP (Southern Tablelands Ecosystem Park), at the National Arboretum.

An indoor activity such as a visit to the CSIRO to check out the National Herbarium or Insect Collection.

Or maybe a visit to Questacon.


   23 May 2023
Hi @michaelb - this new event that you posted will be automatically picked up and included in tomorrow's Daily Summary Email so that the community are all notified about it.
michaelb wrote:
   23 May 2023
Ok thanks Aaron. Let's hope we get a good response.
Untidy wrote:
   23 May 2023
I would love a tour of STEP with the experts.
   24 May 2023
I'd vote for STEP. Actually, just getting together with the NatureMapr community would be the best bit.
KMcCue wrote:
   24 May 2023
My preference would be a visit to the CSIRO's Insect collection and then a walk on Red Hill with the regenerators.
Jillw wrote:
   24 May 2023
Sounds great. Be interested in either. Thanks
   24 May 2023
I’d love to visit the CSIRO insect collection and herbarium.
   24 May 2023

I'd vote for STEP.
MPhillips wrote:
   24 May 2023
I'd be interested in Step or Herbarium visit - but insect collection would be good for another visit sometime.
JohnDM wrote:
   24 May 2023
Just let me know, I'd like either
dan.clark wrote:
   24 May 2023
I vote for the Herbarium! :-)
Boronia wrote:
   24 May 2023
Depending on how often and when you think we might have an activity, maybe we could have an indoors one during winter and the STEP visit when plants 'wake up' a bit later.
Interested in whatever is decided.
AJB wrote:
   24 May 2023
Love to go to the Herbarium
MattM wrote:
   24 May 2023
I think STEP, the Herbarium and Insect Collection are all good options. I feel the latter two options could also allow some training opportunities for members eg. discussion of key features for IDs.
anaqbn wrote:
   24 May 2023
great ideas.
is there not time in our year for all..
tks for suggestions
Leanne wrote:
   25 May 2023
I'd be happy to visit any of these.
   25 May 2023
Yes, a tour of STEP with experts would be great and a chance to catch up with the community and also get some sightings at the same time.
   26 May 2023
A Tour of STEP sounds great.
Tapirlord wrote:
   26 May 2023
Perhaps unsurprisingly my vote goes to the outdoor option ;).
HelenCross wrote:
   26 May 2023
My vote is for the STEP tour
LisaH wrote:
One day, I'd be interested in an afternoon/morning of general learning, perhaps? For example: how to make the most of what NatureMapr has to offer, such as how to use the survey facility (is that still happening?); tips and sharing of knowledge from our expert moderators (I'm just keen to learn about our environment and what to look for in different species); or the 'how to' of nature photography

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Winter Activity - Suggestions invited
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