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Frog Survey at BLU400: Blundells Flat, site 4 - Condor Creek, downstream

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Crinia signifera 6 - 20 22 Sep 2018 ACTFrogwatch

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Author's notes

still daylight, landscape must have changed plenty since after the fires as site was last visited in 2006, as we had lots of rain lately the area is very boggy and has many small creeks this site couldnot be reached as access was either blocked by thick blackberries or bei very dense regrowth, however we could hear the frogs; Aquatic Veg: grass, boggy; Overhead Canopy: regrowth of surrounding area;

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  • Slow Water Flow
  • Cloudy (broken) or overcast Sky
  • Still - smoke rises vertically Wind
  • 18 Air Temperature
  • Shallow (<30cm) Water Depth
  • 18 Water Temperature
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