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Frog Survey at FGC091: Ginninderra Creek Billabong, at Macgregor, via Crago Place

2 species confirmed

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Limnodynastes peronii 21 - 50 22 Sep 2018 ACTFrogwatch
Limnodynastes tasmaniensis 6 - 20 22 Sep 2018 ACTFrogwatch

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Author's notes

observation in the middle of the day when releasing froglets and tadpole into the billabong. First warm sunny day for some time as we had many overcast days and some drizzle lately.; Aquatic Veg: grasses and reeds; Bank Veg: grasses; Overhead Canopy: none; Landscape: grassland with planted trees nearby;

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Additional information

  • Clear or a few clouds Sky
  • Still - smoke rises vertically Wind
  • 22 Air Temperature
  • Deep (>30cm) Water Depth
  • 21 Water Temperature
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