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Frog Survey at FGC009: Jarramlee Pond Dunlop

2 species confirmed

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Crinia parinsignifera 1 - 5 22 Sep 2018 ACTFrogwatch
Crinia signifera 6 - 20 22 Sep 2018 ACTFrogwatch

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Author's notes

crinia signifera -20 crinia parinsignifera -5 last might pobbelbonks?? no idea where and when this was actually taken dennis did not obsereve FGC009 on the 22.10????????????; Anders: C.Sig 5-20, C.Parin. 1-5, No Pobblebonks do not know when this tape was taken as dennis did not observe this site on teh 22 10 12

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Additional information

  • Clear or a few clouds Sky
  • Still - smoke rises vertically Wind
  • 10 Air Temperature
  • Deep (>30cm) Water Depth
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