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Frog Survey at GCC100: Condor Creek on Brindabella Road Bridge

1 species confirmed

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Crinia signifera 1 8 Nov 2018 AnkeMaria

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Location information

Survey information

  • 27 Oct 2018 09:20 PM Recorded on
  • AnkeMaria Recorded by

Additional information

  • 0 Area of exposed soil (Max in Metres)
  • 0 Area of exposed soil (Min in Meters)
  • 15 Air Temperature
  • 99 Water Temperature
  • Yes, providing <100% shade of pond Pond area shaded by trees
  • Slow Water Flow
  • Clear or a few clouds Sky
  • Light breeze - wind direction shown by drift of smoke Wind
  • 76 - 100cm down Vertical Drop
  • No evidence of mowing Mowing
  • Shallow (<30cm) Water Depth
  • Pond Nearly Dry Overall Pond Level
  • No Emergent Aquatic Veg
  • Yes, entire edge is vegetated Fringe/Edge Vegetation
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